How much does it cost to build an F1 car??

25 Nov

This is a question I have always asked myself every time I have watched an F1 race but never followed it up and researched into it until I started this blog. Well I did the regular search in Google and the general cost I found was between £4 and £8 million.

Well thanks to extensive research by they have developed a digram showing the costing of each component on a Formula One car. If you cant see the numbers well you may want to click on the picture itself, remember to press back and not x to get back to the blog.

So here is the diagram that is showing the costs of each part and as you can see the cost of a F1 car is amounting up to £4.76 million. There are probably some numbers on here that shock you as there did with me, for instance the steering wheel costs more than an average four door saloon car. The most fascinating thing for me when reading this is the reoccurring cost of each of these parts, I personally see at least 2 drivers having to replace there front wing every race due to a small bump, this is a cost of just under £15 thousand every time.

I know the title says how much does it cost to build an F1 car but when I started researching into this I couldn’t help but think about what costs do teams pay for a full season. So I mean all the staff behind the scenes and the travel costs of all these staff must be huge? 

 Kunal Shah who is a former manager and race driver for a Formula One team has given some insight into costings of a Formula One team, he controversially declares that a team will annually spend between $400 and $500 million dollars although a lot of this will be disguised in a deceleration of costs.

Well the first cost of a Formula One team that comes to mind is the hiring of the driver, as previously discussed Lewis Hamilton is rumoured to be earning $100 million in the next 3 years. As well as this a team is paying FIA a deposit of $50 million to secure there position on the starting grid. A team will have a head quarters where all the development of the cars and commercial interests of the team will be based, all these departments which are full of; engineers, mechanics and designers all have a salary which can easily accumulate to upwards of $10 million.

Here is Mclarens purpose built headquarters (Technology centre) based in the UK, it is one of the most advanced technical able headquarters in the whole of Formula One. It is rumoured to have costed Mclaren near £300 million to build.

Now we get to the actual staff that are out there on the front line travelling with team, this is around 50 members of staff including engineers, directors and mechanics. As there is 20 races all across the world the cost of travel, flights, hotel stay and food and drink is going to mount up, costing an estimated $4 million a year. However the major cost of a racing weekend is fuel, each team will average a spend of $5 million annually just on fuel that is put in the car.

This should really wet your whistle if you are interested in logistics of teams and constantly ask, how do they do that?

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